It had come time once again that one of my own personal websites got an overhaul and a new website design. As I do provide also professional photography services of many types, the largest design challenge for me was to design one cohesive website that could house and display a number of photographic specialties all within the same website without each photographic specialty clashing or competing with one another.

I decided to keep the design as clean as possible and utilize a large, yet still responsive, slideshow at the top of the home page to showcase an image within each photographic specialty with a button link pointing to each distinct gallery. Each gallery uses a tiled image layout with a lightbox pop up carousel display. Besides the galleries, I also wanted to create a focus on new posts and images, so I made sure to have my latest posts displayed on the front page along with a preview of my Instagram feed.

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Photographer Website Design

Photography Website Design



Photography Website Gallery

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